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Alwin Scholten

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Alwin Scholten


We apply some strict criteria in the development of our products. The result is a product range that meets many requirements and needs:

  • All our products are of natural origin.
  • SalicylPure and SilicaPower are suitable for use in organic production.
  • Several products are EC FERTILISERS (Argentum, ArgicinPlus, Cuprum, Ds-Lime and ManZincum).
  • Some products are specifically developed for greenhouse horticulture to be drip fed from A or B fertiliser feeders (SalicylPure and SilicaPower).
  • Other products are specifically developed for application via LVM (ArgicinPlus, Argentum and Cuprum).
  • All our products may be used alone. If required, some products may also be used to supplement chemical agents. In this case, we would be pleased to advise you on the correct dosage.
  • Some ingredients work so well together that we have used them to develop a separate product: easy to apply and proven to be more effective (ArgicinPlus and ManZincum).
  • Other ingredients are particularly effective used alone, and in some cases highly cost efficient (Argentum, Cuprum, Ds-Lime, SalicylPure and SilicaPower).
  • The metal particles in our products:
    • do not lump together in solution so that the product remains stable for two years or longer;
    • stick to the leaf as if magnetised, increasing their plant-strengthening effect.
  • Five of our ingredients deserve special attention due to their particular effectiveness: 
    willow bark extract, colloidal silver, micro copper, silicon (orthosilicic acid) and the combination of micro manganese and micro zinc.
  • All of our products are residue-free, show no growth inhibition, have no re-entry restrictions and no safety term to be taken into account at harvest.

And we have not stopped here. Every day we gain new experiences, either as a company, through our dealers or through the growers who use our products. We continue to invest in research to provide us with new information, and we continue to try to make the most effective products possible.