A product containing only willow bark extract. This improves the self-healing capacity, root development and vitality of plants, making your crop more resilient and healthier alltogether. SalicylPure can be sprayed directly onto the leaf or added to a fertilizer drip feeder. SalicylPure is 100% systemic.


In practice, we see the effect of improved root development, especially in strawberries, roses and cucumbers. In concrete terms:

  • strawberries: 2.5 – 3.0 grams heavier fruits
  • roses:
    • more stems,
    • more flowers per cluster for spray roses
  • cucumber:
    • grows faster on the rockwool slab
    • crop starts producing fruit earlier
    • the cucumbers are about 25 grams heavier

Advantages and tips

Here you will find concrete results with the use of SalicylPure in greenhouse cultivation.

  • Administration of SalicylPure through the A fertiliser feeder is recommended for all cultivation on substrate in which drip watering is applied.
    This is non-labour intensive and very cost efficient.
  • You can enhance the effect of the willow bark extract by adding Argentum or Cuprum. These can be administered via LVM, fogging or spraying.
  • SalicylPure cannot simply be applied in water to which hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been added. The organic components in SalicylPure are broken down by the H2O2. As a result, the effect of SalicylPure is lost.
  • SalicylPure has been approved for use in organic agriculture in the Netherlands.

Please contact us for our sustainable solution with several major advantages. 


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