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PlantoSys develops plant-strengthening fertilisers that work

We are a young, innovative company that translates knowledge, experience and inventive ideas into practical solutions for the agriculture and horticulture sectors. We have developed several plant-enhancing fertilisers that have been tested on various crops and production systems and brought to market.

Willow bark extract

By adding willow bark extract to the plant from the outside, either by spraying the leaves or administering through the roots, the concentration increases throughout the plant, resulting in a more robust and more vital crop.

Furthermore, administration of willow bark extract leads to an increase in root weight: more roots in a shorter period of time, more leaves more quickly, more photosynthesis, more crop. In the vegetable-and fruit-growing, this leads to more pounds: larger and heavier harvests, with constant good brix levels.

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  • bulb cultivation
  • seed potatoes
  • cut flowers
  • field vegetables
  • fruit cultivation
  • greenhouse vegetables
  • herb cultivation
  • pot plants
  • soft fruit
  • tree cultivation
  • viticulture

PlantoSys products

PlantoSys develops products to keep plants vital and healthy in various crops and production systems, inside and out, even under hostile growing conditions.
We do this by using willow bark extract, sometimes combined with colloidal silver, micro copper or micro manganese and micro zinc.

And we improve the plant's vigour through improved nutrient uptake.

All with the aim of making your plants more vital and healthier.

To this end we have developed, tested and marketed various products that we have adapted wherever possible to specific crops, production systems and application methods. We now have experience, for example, in greenhouse vegetables, cut flowers, bulb cultivation, tree cultivation, herb cultivation, soft fruit and seed potatoes.

Our products are available for order directly or through our dealers.

"A treatment with willow bark extract improves the regeneration of you crop"

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Every situation is unique

A plant is a plant, but every growing situation is unique. Every crop has its own specific characteristics and you as grower make specific demands of your product.
Please contact us for advice to achieve the best possible result that makes the most efficient use of our products. You can contact us by telephone, or we would be pleased to visit you if possible.

Customers about us

  • The clear advice I received helped me find the right combination of products to strengthen my fuchsias.

    Fuchsia grower

  • The good advice I was given helped me find the right combination of products. And with results. 

    Rose grower

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