A singular EC FERTILIZER with micro copper. Copper strengthens the plant’s natural immunity due to its positive effect on defence protein production. Half a litre of Cuprum (containing five grams of micro copper) is enough to spray a whole hectare. The result is significant savings compared, for example, with the application of copper oxychloride. It also means no residue, no growth inhibition, no re-entry restrictions and no safety term before harvesting. Together with Ds-Lime and ManZincum, it is used to make our Ds-mix.


  • Used alone: 100 ml Cuprum/100 litres water with a minimum of 500 ml/ha.
  • Mixed with fungicides or other PlantoSys products: 250 ml/ha.
  • In combination with Ds-Lime and ManZincum (our Ds-mix): 250 ml/ha.

Spraying interval

Spray, LVM or fog once every 7 to 10 days.

Advantages and tips

  • Used in combination with ManZincum and Ds-Lime to produce our Ds-mix, which is applied specifically to increase the plant’s defence against Spotted-wing Drosophila.
  • Biobest tested: does not harm natural predators when applied in combination with Ds-Lime and ManZincum (PlantoSys’ Ds-mix).
  • Apply Cuprum together with ArgicinPlus for the broadest increase in plant strength.
  • Copper has a positive effect on protein production in general and therefore also on defence protein production.
  • Cuprum can be combined with neutral/alkaline agents.

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