This EC FERTILIZER is a highly pure calcium (Ca(OH)2) fertilizer, which is why only 150 grams/100 litres water is required to increase the pH to more than 12. This high pH results in various physical changes in the plant that repel insects and certain fungi. Combined with Cuprum and ManZincum, Ds-Lime enhances the plant’s natural defence mechanism against spotted wing drosophila, enabling the plant to fight this plague and other infections. Application of this Ds-mix (Cuprum, ManZincum and Ds-Lime) also prevents the further development of all the eggs present in the fruit.

The small amount of lime in this Ds-mix leaves no residue, does not affect taste and requires no safety term before harvesting. Ds-Lime is also suitable for application on foodstuffs. Research shows that Ds-Lime does not affect natural predators.


  • 150 g Ds-Lime/100 litres water
  • In the case of residue-sensitive crops such as cherries, blackberries and redcurrants, it is recommended to first mix Ds-Lime in a separate tank to produce a solution and leave to stand for at least 2.5 hours to settle. Transfer this into a spray for residue-free application.

Spraying interval

Apply as a mix with Cuprum and ManZincum (Ds-mix) once every 7 days.

Advantages and tips

  • We recommend that this product is always applied as a spray mix with Cuprum and ManZincum (our Ds-mix) to increase the plant’s natural resistance to Drosophila suzukii and other pests.
  • Spraying Ds-Lime alone can result in lime residue on the fruit. The addition of Cuprum and ManZincum makes it easier to apply the lime (no residue) and, furthermore, increases the plant’s natural resistance to fungi and insects.
  • No effect on taste.
  • No safety term required before harvesting.
  • No impact on natural predators.

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