This Ds-Mix, made of Ds-Lime, Cuprum and ManZincum, has been especially developed to increase crops' robustness. 

Due to the lime (97% Ca(OH)2) more Ca is available for your crop. The result is a firmer crop, no tipburn, edge or other leaf deviations and better preservable fruits.


Cuprum and ManZincum
The particles in the micro copper (Cuprum), manganese and micro zinc (ManZincum) have a positive charge.

This charge results in:

  • the particles sticking to the leaves like small magnets.
  • Thus the lime stays on the leaves for much longer – not for two days as when only lime is used but for six to seven days.

  • Due to the Cuprum, the lime also spreads more easily over the leaf and adheres better to the leaf surface.


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Advantages and tips

  • Spray on dry crop (no dew) and during not too hot and sunny weather to prevent lime deposits on cherries, blackberries and redcurrants, which are more susceptible to this than strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
    The instructions can therefore be followed less strictly for these crops.
  • This dosage of Ds-Lime (150 grams) in 100 litres of water leaves no residue.
  • There is no safety term before harvest.
  • The trial site strawberries were presented to a taste panel:
    • no member of the taste panel did not like the strawberries (i.e. they all liked them)
    • 90% of the tasters could not taste any difference between the treated and untreated fruit, and
    • 10% noticed a slight difference but could not identify anything specific
  • Ds-Lime has no impact on natural predators.
  • Due to the positive charge, the particles remain active on the leaf for much longer.
  • Low price per ha: ca. € 60,-/ha.

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