Argentum is a biostimulant containing nano silver. Nano-silver plays an important role in the growth of your crop, the absorption capacity of trace elements and thus your yields.


Strengthening effect willow bark extract and absorption capacity trace elements

Argentum strengthens the effect of willow bark extract in i.e. SalicylPure on the one hand. It has also been shown that applying low doses of nano-silver to plants improves the absorption of elements such as Mg, N, Fe and other trace elements. 

More photosynthesis, more sugars, more growth

Furthermore, research shows that nano-silver increases the chlorophyll content of plants, allowing more photosynthesis and producing more sugars (i.e. glucose). As a result, your crop can grow faster.

Help in case of unfavourable weather conditions

In addition, it reduces the effects of hail and other severe weather conditions in field crops. As a result, your crop suffers less stress and strain and can grow better.

Furthermore, the metal particles break the light, creating diffused light that penetrates deeper into the leaf. In sunny conditions in particular, the leaf temperature will rise less quickly, your crop can continue to evaporate for longer and photosynthesis can take place for this reason as well.

Reducing other forms of plant stress

Crop treatments cause (invisible) wounds, resulting in unwanted stress. The use of Argentum can also help here, for example, in the cultivation of Phalaenopsis. By using Argentum during the last weeks of the long cultivation, the loss of buds is prevented.

As a post-harvest effect, silver has the same stress-reducing effect. Apples that have been sprayed with Argentum at least 3 times in the last weeks before harvest come out of the cold store 'fresher'. Especially if the crates in which the apples are kept are kept clean with ArgiPura. For example, we realised an increase of Class-A of Golden by 30 to 40%.

In short:

By administering Argentum, you can increase your yield in various ways.

Advantages and tips

  • No residues, no growth inhibition.
  • Argentum can be combined with neutral/alkaline agents.
  • Do not use Argentum in water to which hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been added. The H2O2 negatively influences the silver particles, thus counteracting their effect.

More information

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