A product containing only nano silver. Argentum is an EC FERTILIZER that enhances the effect of salicylic acid when SalicylPure is administered using the fertilizer feeder. Argentum can also be used for example in the case of crazy roots.

In can also be used in open field production in the autumn when plant activity is too low to actively enhance its own defence mechanism using salicylic acid. For example, use in combination with Cuprum during leaf drop in stone fruit plants.


  • 20 ml Argentum/100 litres water with a minimum of 100 ml/ha. The dosage varies per situation. Please ask us for advice.
  • In greenhouse production for flower infections (Erwinia in strawberries): 60 ml Argentum/ha via LVM on alternate days.

Spraying interval

Spray once every 7 to 10 days (can also be applied via LVM and fog).

Advantages and tips

  • No residues, no growth inhibition.
  • Argentum can be combined with neutral/alkaline agents.


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