Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver (Ag) plays an important role in the absorption capacity of trace elements, the growth of your crop and thus your yields. 

Healthy, resilient crops. Which grower doesn't want this? In our opinion this is feasible. And also in a responsible, commercially healthy way and taking into account our responsibility to ‘man and environment’.

On the one hand, by using a well thought-out and targeted crop protection approach. Using products on a natural basis whenever possible and only using chemical products when absolutely necessary (IPM).

By then looking at the entire crop: are there flaws, what does it need to be able to grow optimally, to become and stay healthy. In other words, by looking at your crop from our system-oriented approach.

And finally, to work with products that supplement shortages where necessary and level up maintain the overall resistance of your crop. Products consisting of ingredients based on nature.

This approach and these products together lead to a large number of benefits, for your crops and therefore for you. In terms of quality, production, residue-free cultivation and storability.

Our vision on ‘naturally’ versus ‘chemically’

The use of ecological crop protection - including natural enemies, green crop protection products and biostimulants, such as ours - is an integral part of modern, professional agriculture and horticulture. But sometimes this approach alone proves to be insufficient: without any chemistry. Many growers therefore opt for the so-called integrated crop protection approach, also known as Integrated Pest Management or IPM. This involves a combination of biology (soil fertility, use of natural enemies and biostimulants such as ours) and chemical crop protection.

Using natural products as a basis and only using chemical agents when absolutely necessary and only for a short period of time: incidentally. In this way we make as much use as possible of the power of nature itself and we burden the environment much less. And we comply with the ever stricter legislation in this area.

A shift: both in thinking and in doing

This integrated approach entails a shift in thinking: from mainly curing to increasingly preventing. From thinking primarily in terms of chemical possibilities and only then looking for alternatives in a more natural approach when chemicals don’t suffice anymore. To just the other way around: using natural products to grow strong, resilient crops. And only using chemical products in case of emergency: incidently. Because healthy, vital crops, which are balanced (not deficient) and resilient, are well prepared for possible infections, harmful insects or other unfavourable external influences. And are able to react adequately to them.

And if we combine your knowledge and experience with ours, you will achieve the best results:
You grow resilient crops. More and more in a sustainable, natural way. With efficient and effective use of our products that burden nature as little as possible, fill its shortages and give it a helping hand where necessary. With preservation and even improvement of production, quality (also shelf life) and quantity.


More and more studies show the advantages of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. We continue to research this. As soon as we have new research data, we will add it here:

  • In the cultivation of everbearing strawberries Nutricin turns out to be a good alternative for chemical treatments. This shows that IPM is also suitable for crops that cover a longer period of time, such as everbearers.

Only stand-alone or sometimes together?

Our products are mostly used independently. If incidentaly, chemical agents should be needed, they can often be used in addition to our products. Fitting within IPM.

We are happy to help you make the right choices!

PlantoSys develops products to keep plants vital and healthy in various crops, even under unfavourable (cultivation) conditions. To this end, we have developed both biostimulants and fertilisers (with CE mark).

With our biostimulants we focus on the consequences of abiotic (stress) factors such as weather influences (hail damage, sun, temperature differences), the amount of light, soil composition (impoverishment).

And our fertisilers can be used in the event of a shortage, or even better, to prevent such a shortage. 
PlantoSys has specific fertilisers with copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn) and calcium (Ca). Each of these elements is necessary for photosynthesis, the production of proteins (Cu), or the production of phytoplasts. In addition, Calcium provides strong cells and therefore a resilient crop. 

We adhere to a system-oriented approach, whether it concerns our biostimulants or our fertilisers or a combination of both. That is also what the 'Sys' in PlantoSys stands for. It's in our genes: with our products we aim to strengthen the entire system and stimulate the self-healing capacity of your crop. We do this by means of administration from the outside (via leaf spraying and uptake via the roots) with effects inside the plant. Our ingredients reach the entire plant and help your crop to strengthen itself from the inside. 

We make use of knowledge that we obtain directly from nature itself. For example, we have developed (organic) products in easily absorbable form, containing (in various effective combinations) amino acids, willow bark extract, silicon, colloidal silver, micro coppermanganese and micro zinc and seaweed extract). Each with their own specific effects, to be used on their own or in combinations that reinforce each other. And always based on nature, even complementary to it, where nature is impoverished. So they are recognizable and easily absorbed by your crops, which become and remain healthier, more vital and more robust. 

We apply a unique treatment to these ingredients where useful that makes them retain their positive effects for longer: a difference from 2 to as much as 6 or 7 days. And we make use of mutually reinforcing combinations: here, too, our system-oriented thinking is shown.

A limited selection of our very diverse solutions and their effects: 

  • - strengthening of cell wall and epidermis - SilicaPower, Nutricin
  • Resistance increasing - SalicylPuur, ArgicinPlus and Nutricin
  • Improved absorption capacity (trace) elements (SalicylPure, ArgicinPlus, Nutricin, SilicaPower and Argentum)
  • Stress-reducing (allowing your crop to grow better)
    • wounds caused by crop treatments - ArgicinPlus
    • damage caused by weather influences such as hail - ArgicinPlus
  • increase self-healing power - SalicylPure, ArgicinPlus
  • better distribution of elements by the plant - SilicaPower
  • with a mutually reinforcing effect (Argentum with SalicylPure, Ds-Lime with Cuprum and ManZincum (Ds-mix), Cuprum with ArgicinPlus
  • increased yields (through increased photosynthesis, production of more sugars, increased absorption capacity and thus extra growth and quality) - SalicylPure, SilicaPower, Argentum, Nutricin and/or ArgicinPlus.

Always based on these principles (systemic, reinforcing and based on nature itself) we have developed, tested and marketed our products. And over the years we have also been able to adapt them to specific cultivation and application methods. For example, we now have extensive experience in the following sectors: greenhouse vegetables, pot plants, cut flowers, bulbs, tree nursery, herbs, pome fruit, stone fruit, soft fruit and seed potatoes.

We apply some strict criteria in the development of our products. The result is a product range that meets many requirements and needs with the following advantages:

The metal particles in our products:

  • do not lump together in solution so that the product remains stable for two years or longer;
  • stick to the leaf as if magnetised, increasing their plant-strengthening effect, and don't wash off in the rain.
  • All of our products are residue-free, show no growth inhibition, have no re-entry restrictions and no safety term to be taken into account at harvest.

And we have not stopped here. Every day we gain new experiences, either as a company, through our dealers or through the growers who use our products. We continue to invest in research to provide us with new information, and we continue to try to make the most effective products possible.

Registered brand names

And if you are curious to know in which markets our products have been registered?
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We develop products using natural ingredients. Each product has one or more components, each of which is of natural origin. All with one goal: to help the plant use its own resilience and self-healing capacity effectively. So we don't add chemicals, but help the plant to make itself more resilient, in a natural way. And with results!

In addition to the fact that your crops need a healthy (nutrient) soil, three defence routes in the plant itself play a role in their resilience. These are named after the plant hormone that initiates the route: 

  • the abscisic acid route - makes the plant resistant to e.g. excess salt or too high temperatures,
  • the jasmonic acid route - plays a role in necrotrophic fungi and insects,
  • the salicylic acid pathway - functions particularly in the case of infestation by biotrophic fungi, which have an interest in living cells, bacteria and viruses. 


The following ingredients form the natural basis of all our products. Depending on the crop for which the product has been developed, the application method and/or other practical requirements, they are applied alone or in combination.

When developing our products, we take into account not only the diversity of crops/crops, but also the various methods of administration (drip feefing, spraying, LVM, etc.). 

List of ingredients

  • Willow bark extract

    By adding willow bark extract to the plant from the outside, either by spraying the leaves or administering through the roots, the concentration throughout the plant increases, resulting in a more robust and more vital crop.

  • Colloidal silver

    Colloidal silver (Ag) plays an important role in the absorption capacity of trace elements, the growth of your crop and thus your yields. 

  • Micro copper

    Micro-copper (Cu) strengthens your plants and has a function in the production of proteins.  

  • Manganese and micro zinc

    Micro-zinc (Zn) and manganese (Mn) make the plant more robust and increase plant resilience.

  • Silicon (orthosilicic acid)

    Silicon (Si) strengthens the cell walls and epidermis of the leaf.

  • 97% Lime

    With very little of our specific form of lime (Ca(OH)2), you can already increase the Ca content in your crop. 

  • Amino acids

    Amino acids act as building blocks. They help to grow a stronger, more energetic crop. This is achieved through improved root development, increased stress resistance, and positive effects on the energy balance.

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