Resistant plants with silicon

Effects visible in practice

Silicon (Si or SiO2). A widely-discussed element that increasing numbers of growers are using to help strengthen their crops and boost resistance. Knowledge about the impact of this micro-nutrient on crops is continuing to grow. Si is one of the basic components of soil, but it rarely occurs in a form that can be readily taken up by plants - even though plants clearly benefit from Si.

How silicon operates in a plant

Recent articles in Dutch media mainly focused on the technical side of Si. Useful information which reaches more and more growers. It enhances our knowledge about the role of Si in the plant. 

Theory confirmed in practice

PlantoSys has gained practical experience over the years using our silicon fertiliser SilicaPower in trials run at various growers. These concrete practical results can now be linked to the results already obtained from laboratory studies.

Plant sap measurement and dry matter analyses of crops including greenhouse crops and seed potatoes have resulted in greater insight and more conclusive data. On the one hand, the results confirm existing presumptions concerning higher plant resistance and growth, and on the other the practical trials deliver information that is immediately applicable and provides tangible results, namely higher yields:

  • better flower colour
  • longer shelf life

Concrete results in greenhouse horticulture and seed potatoes

Our analyses have been based on our silicon fertiliser and until now have mainly focused on greenhouse horticulture and seed potatoes. Trials run with tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, Chrysanthemums, Kalanchoe, Platycodon, Phalaenopsis, Gerbera, cut hydrangea, roses and pot anthurium have consistently shown similar results. Si has been shown to actually strengthen the cell walls and epidermis and boost plant resistance. Less spoilage caused by diseases and stronger, visibly more attractive plants. The result is higher productivity and higher quality crops.

We studied the effects of SilicaPower (Si) in crops including the following. The respective results are also shown: 

  • Phalaenopsis (various propagators and growers)

  • Gerbera: stronger leaves

  • cut hydrangea: higher resistance

  • cabbage propagation: darker leaves, more roots, higher dry matter content, heavier roots, better (trace) element uptake, 

  • seed potatoes: firmer skin, so fewer wounds occur at lifting and grading. 

Concrete results achieved by silicon summarised:

  • more intense flower colour: continues through to full bloom
  • thicker, harder leaves and better leaf arrangement
  • stronger cell walls
  • better root penetration
  • higher chlorophyll production, leading to more photosynthesis
  • production increases
  • plant resistance increases
  • transpiration decreases, less drought stress
  • redistribution of Ca and Mn, reducing the risk of nutrient toxicity
  • larger quantity of the CO2 fixation enzyme Rubisco

* These results were obtained by, and supplemented with, the additional benefits
  of using SilicaPower.

Silicon fertiliser from PlantoSys: SilicaPower

PlantoSys uses silicon in a number of products. Our pure silicon fertiliser is called SilicaPower.
It has also been added to Argicin®Plus, as it enhances the effect of colloidal silver in this product.

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We have obtained a lot of practical experience using our silicon fertiliser SilicaPower in greenhouse horticulture and with seed potatoes. It is very important to adapt treatment to suit your specific situation. Please contact us if you have any questions or for personalised advice.

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