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We develop products using natural ingredients. Each product has one or more components, each of which is of natural origin. All with one goal: to help the plant use its own power effectively. So we don't add chemicals to deal with infestations directly, but help the plant to make itself more resilient, in a natural way. And with results!

Each of our ingredients is produced using our own production method. As a result, the dissolved particles do not lump together and the product remains stable for two or more years after production.
The metal particles also remain stuck to the leaves like ‘magnets’. Copper salts (e.g. copper oxychloride) rinse off after rain or sprinkling, but the PlantoSys copper particles in Cuprum remain on the leaf and continue dispersing ions, extending the duration of the plant-strengthening effect.

The following ingredients form the natural basis of all our products. Depending on the crop for which the product has been developed, the application method and/or other practical requirements, they are applied alone or in combination.

List of ingredients

  • Willow bark extract

    Adding willow bark extract to the plant from the outside (by spraying leaves or by absorbing roots) increases the concentration in the entire plant, resulting in a more robust and vital crop. Willow bark extract is 100% systemic.
  • Colloidal silver

    Colloidal silver (Ag) strengthens the plant’s natural defence against bacteria. It is an ethylene blocker, working like a sunscreen on a sunny day.
  • Micro copper

    Micro copper (Cu) strengthens the plant’s natural defence against fungi.
  • Micro manganese and zinc

    Micro manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) strengthen the plant’s natural defence against insects, including Drosophila suzukii, red spider mite and wasps.
  • Silicon (orthosilicic acid)

    Silicon (Si) strengthens the leaf cellular walls and leaf surface.