In developing our products, not only do we take into account the variety in crops/production systems, each with its own specific characteristics. We also take into account the various application methods (fertiliser feeder, spraying, etc.). And we've developed our products in such a way that they remain active for longer by ‘sticking’ to the leaf.

This approach has resulted in products that comply with European legislation in this area, and that can be used in conjunction with natural predators.

Our products can often be used alone but, should chemical agents be required, they can also be used to supplement these. We will be pleased to help you make the right choice.

All of our products are of natural origin. In addition we have also developed products specifically for use in organic production (such as SilicaPower and SalicylPure).

We apply some strict criteria in the development of our products. The result is a product range that meets many requirements and needs:

The metal particles in our products:

  • do not lump together in solution so that the product remains stable for two years or longer;
  • stick to the leaf as if magnetised, increasing their plant-strengthening effect.
  • All of our products are residue-free, show no growth inhibition, have no re-entry restrictions and no safety term to be taken into account at harvest.

And we have not stopped here. Every day we gain new experiences, either as a company, through our dealers or through the growers who use our products. We continue to invest in research to provide us with new information, and we continue to try to make the most effective products possible.

By adding willow bark extract to the plant from the outside, either by spraying the leaves or administering through the roots, the concentration throughout the plant increases, resulting in a more robust and more vital crop.

In addition to making your crop more robust, studies and demos show that the root development of plants that have received additional willow bark extract is better. These crops have 8 to 10% more root weight. They root faster and develop a better, healthier root system. This allows the plants to absorb their nutrients and water better, which is immediately noticeable in the increased production of the dry matter.

This in turn leads to accelerated growth: faster more roots, faster more leaves, more photosynthesis, more plants. In fruit and vegetable cultivation, this leads to more kilos: larger and heavier harvests and with constant, good brix levels.

Finally, willow bark extract stimulates the plant to form extra callus. This property is used for example in the tomato cultivation: the wounds causedby leaf picking of cutting dry out more quickly.Wound tissue even forms along the edges of the wound. 

Willow bark extract is the main ingredient in SalicylPure and is also present in the same concentration in ArgicinPlus and Nutricin.

We develop products using natural ingredients. Each product has one or more components, each of which is of natural origin. All with one goal: to help the plant use its own resilience and self-healing capacity effectively. So we don't add chemicals to deal with infestations directly, but help the plant to make itself more resilient, in a natural way. And with results!

Each of our ingredients is produced using our own production method. As a result, the dissolved particles do not lump together and the product remains stable for two or more years after production.

The metal particles also remain stuck to the leaves like ‘magnets’. Copper salts (e.g. copper oxychloride) rinse off after rain or sprinkling, but the PlantoSys copper particles in Cuprum remain on the leaf and continue dispersing ions, extending the duration of the plant-strengthening effect.

The following ingredients form the natural basis of all our products. Depending on the crop for which the product has been developed, the application method and/or other practical requirements, they are applied alone or in combination.

List of ingredients

  • Willow bark extract

    By adding willow bark extract to the plant from the outside, either by spraying the leaves or administering through the roots, the concentration throughout the plant increases, resulting in a more robust and more vital crop.

  • Colloidal silver

    Colloidal silver (Ag) plays an important role in the absorption capacity of trace elements, the growth of your crop and thus your yields. 

  • Micro copper

    Micro-copper (Cu) strengthens your plants and has a function in the production of proteins.  

  • Micro manganese and zinc

    Micro-manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) make the plant more robust.

  • Silicon (orthosilicic acid)

    Silicon (Si) strengthens the cell walls and epidermis of the leaf.

  • 97% Lime

    With very little of our specific form of lime (Ca(OH)2), you can already increase the Ca content in your crop. 

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