Nutricin is the most recent fertilizer developed by PlantoSys. This EC-fertilizer combines salicylic acid (SA), silicic acid – silicon in absorbable form silicon (Si) - and seaweed extract with six micro nutrients.
And – upon requests from several consultants and growers – does not contain micro silver.
Are you looking for the stimulating effect of silicon, the plant strengthening effect of salicylic acid? And in addition do you want to add essential micro nutrients to your crop? Try Nutricin and notice the difference.

To be able to function well, a plant (as well as human beings) needs certain elements. In addition to primary plant food elements, they also need micro nutrients. The soil nowadays contains less and less of the latter essential elements. In addition to the SA and Si, Nutricin also contains these essential trace elements:


  • Boron, (B) - 0,019%
  • Cobalt (Co) - 0,00014%
  • Mangese (Mn) - 0,89%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) - 0,06%
  • Selenium (Se) - 0,01% and
  • Zinc (Zn) - 1,06%


In addition Nutricin also contains (well-known to those who are familiar with our other products):


* We have replaced our former product Algicin by Nutricin. On the one hand due to altered legislation. On the other hand, we took the opportunity to improve and complete it.


Nutricin can either be sprayed or applied via a fertilizer feeder.

Dosage when spraying:  200 ml/100 litres of water. Minimum of 1 litre/hectare
Spraying intervall: once a week

Drip feeding
Dosage when drip feeding: 1 litre /ha/week.


  • If you DO need silver in your specific situation (deliberately left out of Nutricin), we advise you to add Argentum: 100 ml/ha.

Questions or advice?

Should you have any questions or would you like tailor made advice? Please do not hesitate and contact us. It is your mission to help strengthen your crop and increase your revenues?!

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