Nutricin is the most recent product developed by PlantoSys. This biostimulant combines willow bark extract, silicic acid – silicon in absorbable form (Si) -, seaweed extract and 20 vegetal based amino acids.


Nutricin is suitable for growers looking for the plant strengthening effect of SalicylPure and the firming effect of SilicaPower. Add to that the stimulating effect of seaweed and the important amino acids. And your crops will be supplemented with what they are less and less able to extract from the soil by themselves due to impoverishment.

In more detail, the various components perform the following functions:

  • The willow bark extract (in the same concentration as in ArgicinPlus and SalicylPure) improves the self-healing capacity, root development and vitality of plants.
  • The silicon (equal to the Si in SilicaPower and ArgicinPlus) strengthens the cell walls and epidermis of leaves and improves the absorption of nutrients.
  • The seaweed extract improves plant performance (root and shoot development, photosynthesis) and relieves abiotic stress.
  • Finally, the amino acids are essential for protein synthesis. They stimulate plant physiological functions such as sprouting, flowering, pollination, fruit setting and fruit development.


Nutricin can either be sprayed or applied via a fertiliser feeder.


Should you miss the nano-silver for your crop and specific situation in this product, we recommend spraying an additional 100 ml Argentum/ha. Nutricin cannot be applied in water to which hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been added. The organic components are broken down by the H2O2. The effect of Nutricin is then lost.

Questions or advice?

Should you have any questions or would you like tailor made advice? Please contact us. It is our mission to help strengthen your crop and increase your revenues.

In practice

A strawberry trial carried out by Delphy / Berry Plaza in 2019 shows that the use of Nutricin in gutters leads to an increase in production of 5%. The plants are activated and produce more flowers, resulting in more fruits and therefore higher yields.

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