PlantoSys offers system approach for naturally healthy strawberry plants

We have developed completely natural products for professional agriculture and horticulture. The best care for your crop comes from the plant’s own resilience. Our products help plants to build up this resilience.

For strawberry cultivation we advise to start with ArgicinPlus. This biostimulant contains, among other things, willow bark extract. The substances from this extract help strengthen the resistance of the strawberry plant, because it stimulates the production of immune proteins. Regeneration comes and stays better. This makes plants healthier, more vital and more robust.

By immersing the cuttings in a solution of ArgicinPlus, they root faster and develop into a more homogenous crop. Research shows that this can lead to an improvement of up to 40% in rooting and continued growth (both June-bearers and everbearers). The result is less failure in the production of tray plants and waiting-bed plants, less stress due to environmental factors and therefore better plants for the production grower.

In addition to immersing cuttings in ArgicinPlus, SalicylPure can be sprayed or dripped during cultivation. The application of SalicylPure - which also contains willow bark extract - results in more and heavier fruits.

Further strengthen your strawberry crop's own defences of with Cuprum or the Ds-Mix.

Our product Cuprum contains micro copper. A plant needs copper in the process of protein production. These proteins help the plant to stay vital in case of attacks by pathogens. By treating a crop with Ds-Lime and ManZincum in addition to Cuprum (our Ds-Mix) the plant also becomes more robust and harder.

The advantages of PlantoSys products in your strawberry cultivation

The effects of our 100% natural products have been proven in practice. All of our products are residu-free, show no growth inhibition, have no re-entry restrictons and no safety term to be taken into account at harvest.