Blue Bac-2

Blue Bac-2 for pipes, hoses and drippers
Blue Bac-2 is a 100% organic product. It keeps a water pipe system naturally free of blockages, from the manure tray to the drippers.

The special Bacillus bacteria in Blue Bac-2 settle on the inner wall of pipes, hoses and drippers. This creates a very smooth 'coating' that organic contaminants cannot adhere to.

Blue Bac-2

By using Blue Bac-2 on a monthly basis, no slimy bio-film is formed and the entire pipe system remains clean. Blockages are thus a thing of the past.


Using Blue Bac-2 together with Blue Bac-1

In addition to Blue Bac-2, which cleans and maintains the irrigation water system, we have Blue Bac-1 as an extra safeguard. This product keeps your water storage system (e.g. basin) clean in a natural way and optimises the biological water balance. This prevents the water system from becoming polluted again.

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