Blue Bac-1

Blue Bac-1 for water basins and silos

Blue Bac-1 is a 100% biological product based on useful and harmless specific working bacteria. These bacteria optimise the biological balance of the water.

Algae growth is reduced to a minimum and the digestion process of dead algae is given an extra boost.

Blue Bac-1

Once the optimum balance is achieved, the basins and silos become clean and stay clean. Additional aeration of the water strengthens the effect.


Use Blue Bac-1 together with Blue Bac-2

In addition to Blue Bac-1, which cleans and maintains the water in the basins and silos, we have Blue Bac-2 as an extra safeguard. This product keeps the water system naturally free of blockages, from the manure basin to the drippers. The bacteria in Blue Bac-2 settle on the inner wall of pipes, hoses and drippers. This creates a very smooth 'coating' that organic contaminants cannot adhere to.

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