Make sweet pepper plants stronger with SilicaPower!

The right silicon concentration with SilicaPower
Silicon can only be absorbed by the sweet pepper plant in the form of orthosilicic acid. For an optimum effect, it is essential that the plant is continuously given the correct concentration of silicon. SilicaPower is a ready-to-use liquid product with a relatively high concentration of silicon (3% orthosilicic acid), making it easy to dose the right amount.

Recommended dosage plant propagation
Two weeks after sowing start dosing 0.35 litres of SilicaPower per hectare through the fertiliser feeder or a foliar spray. It can be added with irrigation through the ebb and flow system. Repeat this dose weekly throughout propagation.

Recommended dosage commercial growing
Immediately after planting the sweet pepper plant, start drip feeding 0.35 litres of SilicaPower per hectare through the fertiliser feeder. Repeat this application weekly until shortly before harvesting the plants or removing the crop. When chemical crop protection is used, it is fine to add SilicaPower to that spray at a dose of 0.5 litres per hectare. During that week, this does not have to be added to a drip feeder and/or this can be skipped.  

What does silicon do in the plant
In the plant, silicon increases the production of phenols, phytoalexins and other signalling compounds and enzymes. All of these substances stimulate the sweet pepper plant’s defence system, making this more resilient to, for example, high salt levels and nutrient imbalance. Silicon ensures better absorption and distribution of calcium and magnesium, as a result of which transpiration decreases and there are therefore fewer problems with drought stress. Other effects of administering additional silicon are improved root penetration and higher chlorophyll production, leading to more photosynthesis and therefore an increased yield.

(SilicaPower is on the SKAL Dutch Input List and may therefore be used in organic growing)

Do you have any questions or would you like a further explanation about the aforementioned growing advice for sweet pepper?
Our advisor Erik Jaspers is familiar with all the ins and outs of sweet pepper growing. Ring him if you have any questions about how best to apply the aforementioned advice in your own specific company situation.
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