Alternative to chemical agents

Growers have become increasingly receptive to the idea of alternatives to chemical agents over the past years; partly because they are forced to by legislation, and more and more because they believe it is the right thing to do.

Our products of natural origin provide such an alternative:

  • with no visible residue
  • with barely measurable residue (up to 2.4% of the MRL)
  • with no growth inhibition
  • with no re-entry term
  • with no safety term

The increasingly restricted application of chemical plant protection products, whether due to bans on certain agents or restrictions concerning the frequency with which they may be applied, means that growers increasingly require alternatives.

Tests conducted using our naturally-based products regularly show a 60–80% reduction in pathogens, and in some cases as much as 90%. Admittedly, this is not the 95–100% obtained using chemical agents, but it is enough to keep powdery mildew for example out of the crop for the two to three months required in rose cultivation. It also has the added benefit of no growth inhibition (which is seen when chemical agents are applied), resulting in 6–7 cm longer stems.