Plant’s natural defences

What PlantoSys does, and what sets us apart, is to develop nature-based products that directly stimulate the plant’s natural immune response. As a result, the plant’s immune system (SAR) responds more quickly and produces more defence proteins. Rather than adding chemicals to treat the plant, we provide the plant with the boost it needs to do this naturally. And with result!

In developing our products, not only do we take into account the variety in crops/production systems, each with its own specific susceptibility to infestations, but also the various application methods (fertilizer feeder, spraying, etc.). We also develop our products so that they remain active for longer by ‘sticking’ to the leaf.

This approach has resulted in products that have many advantages compared with chemical agents, that meet European legislation, and that can be used in conjunction with natural predators. Our products can often be used alone but, should chemical agents be required, they can also be used to supplement these. We will be pleased to help you make the right choice. To help you, we have produced a list of agents that have been tested for use in conjunction with our products.

All our products are of natural origin. We have also developed products for use in organic production.