Root, bulb and tuber rot in a wide range of crops including potato, tomato, tulip, cereals and amaryllis.

Recommended products:

Salicylic acid is 100% systemic and also stimulates the plant’s natural immune response in the subsurface parts of the plant.

For fertigation production systems:

  • Add 1 litre SalicylPure/ha/week to the B fertilizer feeder.

For spraying:

Tests conducted by WUR-Bleiswijk on downy mildew in impatiens (busy Lizzie) showed not only that the downy mildew was significantly reduced, but also that soil fungi such as Fusarium culmorum, Fusarium solani and Alternaria sp. were reduced by 40–50% in the roots of treated plants compared with untreated plants. Salicylic acid therefore boosts the plant’s natural defences throughout the plant, even when the plant hormone is only sprayed on above-ground parts of the plant.