New product for water pipes: Blue Bac-2

The special Bacillus bacteria in Blue Bac-2 settle on the inner wall of pipes, hoses and drippers. This creates a very smooth 'coating' that organic contaminants cannot adhere to.

Recommended dosage

If the pipes are heavily fouled, it is advisable to clean them with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) before starting the treatment. If the contamination is limited, the starter dosage can be started immediately. Since Blue Bac-2 loosens existing fouling, it is also advisable to rinse the lines again and then start the drip-feed. Once the lines are clean, Blue Bac-2 will keep them clean and stimulate root development.

Extra oxygen boosts effect
Both the starter and maintenance doses can be administered in a single shot in the morning from the A tank, separate take-home tank or daily supply. Additional aeration of the water with a venturi or waterfall will enhance the effect of Blue Bac-2. If, for example, there is a prolonged interruption to watering during the winter period, it is advisable to first blow through the pipe system before using Blue Bac-2. It is also advised not to apply the product in water to which hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), chloride or a disinfectant has been added. This will degrade Blue Bac-2 and lead to a loss of efficacy.

More information / ordering
Blue Bac-2 is available from our dealers or directly via our order page.

If you have any questions about the above product or if you want specific advice on how to use it in your company, please call our advisor Joël Cornielje: +31 6 82 01 95 47. Or send Joël a message.