New product for basin and silo: Blue Bac-1

Blue Bac-1 for water basins and silos
Blue Bac-1 is a 100% biological product based on useful and harmless specific working bacteria. These bacteria optimise the biological balance of the water. Not only does Blue Bac-1 greatly reduce organic contaminants, it also aids the digestion process of dead algae, for example. Once the optimum balance is achieved, the basins and silos become clean and remain so. Additional aeration of the water strengthens the effect. 

Recommended dosage


The above dosages apply to an average degree of pollution. If the degree of pollution is higher, adjust the dosage upwards. Make sure that the water remains in motion and is aerated as standard. This benefits the effect and duration of action. For application in outdoor basins and silos, Blue Bac-1 works best at > 15 °C water temperature. In indoor silos, Blue Bac-1 can be applied year-round.

If there is a thick layer of sludge, remove it before starting to apply Blue Bac-1. Do not use Blue Bac-1 in water to which hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), chloride or a disinfectant has been added. Doing so will degrade Blue Bac-1 and negate its effectiveness.

More information / order
Blue Bac-1 is available through our dealers or directly via our order page.

If you have any questions about the above product or if you would like specific advice on use for your company, please call our advisor Joël Cornielje: +31 (0)6 82 01 95 47. Or send Joël a message.