New product for healthy soil life: Soil Bac-1

A major advantage of these bacteria is that they are specifically able to survive adverse conditions such as drought and thus retain their effect. This distinguishes them from Trichoderma fungi, for example. 

Recommended dosage

Soil Bac-1 can also be sprayed or poured; the dosage is then 250 ml / 100 litres of water. For optimal effect, however, the product should be sprayed just before rainfall or additionally watered.

Improving the root system with Soil Bac-1 is of great value, for example, for greenhouse crops that are cold in winter. Soil Bac-1 helps to get root development going in spring, thus contributing to an evenly developed crop.

More information / order
Soil Bac-1 can be used in open soil as well as in potting compost, coconut fibre and rock wool. It is available directly from our order page.

If you have any questions about the above product or if you would like specific application advice for your business, please call our advisor Joël Cornielje: +31 (0)6 82 01 95 47. Or send Joël a message.