A plant is a plant, but every growing situation is unique. Every crop has its own specific characteristics and you as grower make specific demands of your product.

Soil conditions, greenhouse climate, spraying method, the size of the production area and available expertise – these are all factors that can affect operations and the result you achieve. They are also factors that – to some extent – determine which product or products can best be applied and with which method (application interval, dosage, application method).

Please contact us for advice to achieve the best result possible that makes the most efficient use of our products. You can contact us by telephone, or we would be please to visit you if so required.

Providing advice is in our blood, and this is reflected in the way in which we develop our products. Naturally, product development is based on our own, broad horticultural knowledge (HTuS) and specialisms in arboriculture and glass house production, complemented with years of practical experience.

However, our products would not be what they are without the input from solid research and the expertise provided by professionals; professionals who are our partners in our dealer network and professionals like you! These are growers who put their hearts and souls into making their products the very best, and who are able to look to the future based on their expertise.

All this information has made it possible for us to create smart combinations (where possible) or to develop ingredients for application on their own (where useful). In this way, we hope to be able to provide the right solution to meet your specific need wherever possible.

And we have not stopped here. Every day we gain new experiences, either as a company or through the growers who use our products. We continue to invest in research, which in turn can produce new information.

Our products can be used on their own (with the exception of Ds-Lime, which we advise only using in combination with ManZincum and Cuprum). However, if required, some products may also be used to supplement chemical agents. Here too, we would be pleased to advise you on the correct product and dosage.

Alwin Scholten

Your contact person

Alwin Scholten