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Alwin Scholten

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Alwin Scholten


We are an innovative company that translates knowledge, experience and inventive insights into practical solutions for the agriculture and horticulture sectors. We have developed several products (biostimulants and fertilisers) that have been tested on various crops and production systems. The best variants (in terms of efficacy, applicability and user-friendliness) have been brought to market.


Since our establishment in 2010, we have been active in more than 30 crops and more than 20 countries, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic. And we continue to grow. And agrosys GmbH is our dealer for the Swiss market.

We started out with a number of basic ingredients and products. New insights and concrete demands from the market have led us to expand and adapt these over the past few years. The facts speak for themselves: we now have ten products, each with its own specific application in various crops. The most important outcome: satisfied customers who grow stronger plants.

Healthy plants

We are committed to developing products that support the plant to become and remain healthy, robust and vital. We do this by developing products with a number of unique properties, that can be used in different crops, in various production systems and with their own application methods.

Research and testing

Before we introduced the first products to the market in 2011, we first tested them extensively both internally and externally. Since 2010, we have had (external) tests carried out by WUR-Bleiswijk, Botany, Delphy (formerly DLV Plant-GreenQ) and Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, among others. These research results confirm, i.a. the effect of willow bark extract.

In addition, nano-silver is confirmed to support the effect of this willow bark extract and to make the plant more resilient. Micro-copper also appears to make crops more robust and vital.

> read more about willow bark extract, nano silver and micro copper.

Knowledge and experience

We can provide every grower with specific advice on the application of our products. To do this, we make use of our own extensive specialised knowledge of plant cultivation, as well as the expertise of our suppliers and our dealer network at home and abroad. 

And we continue to invest in research. We now have over eight years of practical experience with various growers, different crops and specific growing conditions. All this knowledge is incorporated into our products to further improve their performance and applicability.